Our History

Paul Celuch had put his two sons through college. During their college search and then financing their educations, Paul realized how involved the entire college journey was. More incredibly, he discovered how much college debt families across the country were incurring. With a business partner who was experiencing the same realizations, Celuch began searching for ways to help minimize the debt that encumbers so many students upon graduation. After extensive research, Celuch and his business partner determined that there was little, if any, expertise readily available to help college-bound students and parents through the college process that focused on minimizing debt. They decided to commit themselves to helping parents of high school students through the college process, and developed a service that continues after ten years to guide parents toward a college choice that guarantees a great education and limits college debt.


CAP Steps into Much-Needed Niche

Over the years, College Assistance Plus (CAP) has been recognized in national publications for its ability to help families save money and minimize their students’ debt loads. They have established franchises and sales representatives throughout the United States, growing consistently over the years. An exceptional staff of Client Education Specialists help students and families navigate through the entire process of searching for, applying to, and finding the most beneficial, financially-acceptable college. Families get the best education for their children with reduced time, stress, and debt!

The CAP Difference

Today, College Assistance Plus has helped thousands of clients across the United States. Still owned by original founder Paul Celuch, it is the only educational consulting firm that strives to find the best college fit for the student academically, socially, and financially. The main difference between CAP and other consulting firms is that Celuch and his team don’t look at clients simply as clients but as part of the CAP family.

Under Celuch’s leadership, CAP continues to grow, committed to providing students with personalized guidance until they graduate from college. Celuch’s exceptional team of College Consultants care deeply about each student, hoping to save them money but also set students on the path that will lead them to the rest of their lives.