With CAPlus, you do more than just save money.

Our Services

We will help your family with-

  • finding a best fit college academically

  • ensure that everyone is aware of the finances early on

  • set your student up for success

  • offer options everyone agrees on

  • avoid overwhelming college debt

Locate colleges

We use our proprietary academic and financial database of over 2,500 colleges to find the school that is the right fit for your student.

Career/ Major Exploration

Insight to determine a major and future career to avoid paying for undecided!


Appeal Letter

When appropriate, letters requesting a financial aid appeal can be created.

Review Complex college forms

We’ll review your college forms as to not miss out on free money.



College Assistance Plus Service Package


Preparing for College


Pre-College Guidance

College Major Coach
SAT/ACT Guidance
Grade Specific Checklists

College Search Process

College Search Report
Specialized Majors
Financial Implications
College Selectivity
College Visit Preparation
Interview Techniques
Essay and Résumé Services


EFC Calculation and Interpretation
Financial Aid Package Evaluation
How to Pay for College


If and When Needed


Special Circumstances

Transfer Options
Medical Changes
Family Changes
Major Changes


CSS Profile®
Financial Aid Packages
Payment Options
Loan Guidance