Startup - 2004

As Paul Celuch was putting his two sons through college, he realized how complicated and expensive the college search journey had become. More incredibly, he soon discovered that most families felt the same way. The debt families were incurring was amazing to him and as family and friends began asking for his help with the finances of college, the seeds for College Assistance Plus were planted. With a business partner who was experiencing the same realizations, Celuch began to search for ways to minimize the debt so many families were realizing upon graduation.

Celuch determined there was little, if any assistance to help parent and students with the college search that focused on finances. With a brand new proprietary database, one employee and his business partner, College Assistance Plus began!

CAP Fills a Much-Needed Gap

Over the years, College Assistance Plus (CAP) has been recognized in national publications for its ability to help families save money and minimize their students’ debt loads. They have established franchises and sales representatives throughout the United States, growing consistently over the years. An exceptional staff of Client Education Specialists help students and families navigate through the entire process of searching for, applying to, and finding the most beneficial, financially-acceptable college. Families get the best education for their children with reduced time, stress, and debt!
15 Years Later

The College Assistance Plus Difference

  • Still owned by Paul Celuch
  • Assisted thousands of clients across the US
  • Saved families millions of dollars collectively, in college tuition
  • One of a very few college consulting companies focused on the cost of college
Under Paul’s leadership, CAP continues to grow, committed to providing students with personalized guidance through the college search journey. With a focus on the financial consequences of the college choice, educating families on paying for college and taking loans for college is at the forefront of their practice. Paul’s exceptional team of Client Education Specialists care deeply about each student, hoping to save them money, but more importantly, set them on a path of success that doesnt include overwhelming student debt.

Let College Assistance Plus Help You on Your College Search Journey
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