Financial Form Review

Preparing Your College Financial Applications - FAFSA/CSS Profile

Our review assists you with the complex college financial forms that are required by some colleges with the student’s application and mandatory to receive a financial aid package and the student and parent federal education loans. We will review form overview, asset allocation, divorce, retirement, capital gains, custodial parent, business owners, college saving plans, deadlines and more.

Our expertise in reviewing thousands of applications can save you time, money and stress.

This package interprets the college financial aid package or tuition bill to create a cash-flow analysis. We review the financial aid and scholarship amounts to ensure they are logical (could involve a review of FAFSA & CSS Profile). From this, we estimate four-six years of college expenses, educating you and your student on potential debt along with basic college financial literacy and money saving tips. Together, we analyze the tuition bill for cost savings and accuracy including who is paying and how. When needed, we explain the pros and cons of different payment options and different financing options, including government vs. private education loans. We review the federal loan program and impart imperative future debt realizations. Assistance with college financing is also available. Based upon all financial criteria and academic criteria, if a special circumstance appeal letter is recommended, we offer direction. We are available for college finance follow-up questions in future years. Additional services can be requested or recommended based on the needs of the student and/or parent.


CSS Profile

The CSS Profile is a financial aid application required by approximately 400 colleges and universities. Most of these schools are more selective and private.
  • Schools that require the CSS Profile also require the FAFSA.
  • The CSS Profile is referred to as an application for institutional aid. The FAFSA is an application for federal aid.
  • Most CSS Profile schools have total costs (tuition, room and board) greater than $60,000.
  • It uses significantly more family’s financial information to calculate financial aid than the FAFSA. Therefore, it is more complex and requires careful preparation and planning. Mistakes can result in lost aid.
  • The CSS Profile is an application provided by the College Board.
  • It is available for processing your student’s application on October 1for the following academic year. Be sure to check the college’s financial aid deadlines.
  • It uses prior-prior-year (PPY) federal income tax information.
College Assistance Plus will provide personal guidance and will review a family’s CSS Profile.
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