Career Insight Program

College Assistance Plus has partnered with a nationally recognized Aptitude Assessment organization to help students understand and evaluate their career potential. This is a tool CAP uses to better understand the student and a tool students will use to better understand themselves. We hope this will lead to educated decisions about their impending future.

Career Insight) “was created to help young adults understand they have abilities, talents, and gifts that are meaningful. We want them to understand how their gifts and passions fit with real-world careers. We want to inspire them and broaden their vision of what they can truly accomplish. In the end, we want them to be successful and independent doing something they love.”

Student testimonials say it is very accurate and opened my eyes to careers I had not considered. Parents love the way it describes their child’s talents and abilities, and how it helped create a productive college and career discussion with their child.

“The information on my aptitudes allowed me to learn more about myself and how others might perceive me. This was a benefit for my personal growth as I enter college, and the ‘key words’ help me better present my abilities during job interviews or school projects.”

-Brittany T


At CAP, we hope the test and its results will help create dialogue at your house surrounding the college and career search while also giving your student the confidence they should have about their special gifts and talents.
  • Aptitude assessment
  • Personal interpretation
  • Career search follow-up by student
  • Salary, education, growth research
  • College major/minor direction interpreted from results
  • Interview training (if necessary)
  • Career shadowing ideas and guidance
Career Insight is intended to provide students with valuable information useful in the identification of future careers or selection of a college majors.
Career Insight is not intended to determine the student’s final career/major decision. It is intended to provide your student with a foundation in which your student will continue to build upon once they have completed the program.
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