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Saving Families Money Since 2004

Saving Families Money Since 2004 “CAP is well worth the initial investment. I thank you for being a calm beacon in the storm!”




Get a Degree, Not Debt

Locate the Best College

CAP has a proprietary academic and financial database to match your student to the right college

Minimize Student Debt

With CAPs’ strategies, students can begin their future without decades of unmanageable (or overwhelming) debt.

Analyze Financial Aid

CAP aptly interprets college financial packages to help your family accurately determine college costs.

Review the FAFSA

Mistakes on the FAFSA can cost you thousands of dollars; our expert review diminishes those errors.

Loan Department

Paying for college can be as complex as finding a college. We can help with college loans and refinancing.

Appeal Letters

When appropriate, letters requesting a financial aid appeal can be created.

Career & Major Exploration

Insight to determine a major and future career to avoid paying for undecided!

COVID has changed college admissions, our expertise has not!

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“The CAP service has continued throughout the entire four years of our daughter’s education. They made it simple and effective for us, and we would not recommend anyone doing this without CAP!”
Dave & Janet M.

CAP helped us match the schools to our students, helped us with letters for more scholarships (not loans), helped us with the FAFSA and TAP forms, and much more. Thanks to CAP, there is light at the end of the tunnel!
Joyce D.