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CAPlus in Central NY

Get a degree…not debt!

Six-figure student debt is becoming common, and 53% of the 2010 college grads are either unemployed or working in non-degree jobs. The stakes are higher than ever, and the college process is more complicated than when today’s parents attended college.

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John Decker
Phone: (315) 656-7973
Email: jdecker@collegeassistanceplus.com


The New York Times wrote a full-page article about College Assistance Plus as the pioneer in helping families negotiate lower college costs. Since then, we have added a suite of services to help high school students find a viable career and major, select the right college, decrease prices each year of attendance, and keep them on track for their career. CAPlus is now in 22 states and has helped over 3,700 families navigate the college process. A growing number of banks, credit unions, financial advisors, and CPAs are making CAPlus services available to their clients.

This video from a CAPlus appearance on “It’s About Money” is a great education on a better way to approach the college process.

Whether you have students or grandkids currently in high school, college, or grad school, we can help. Just give us a call and we’ll answer your college questions or give you a free phone or in-person consultation on your situation. Or here’s a student questionnaire you can download and email to us so we can better answer your questions and describe strategy ideas for you.


CAPlus will be your partner for many years:

  • Helping 9-12th grade students find the right career, major, and college. The average student changes majors four times and spends 5.5 years as an undergrad. We help them decide on a major that fits them, so they graduate in 4 years, towards an existing job market with good compensation.
  • College selection and application process. During the college search, we predict each college’s first financial aid offer based on your student and provide information on the strengths, weaknesses, and culture of that institution, covering colleges across the nation. Many families make too narrow of a college search or are only partially informed about the colleges they look at. We save you time struggling with searches, campus visit strategies, applications, essays, interviews, FAFSAs, and more.
  • Negotiating increasingly lower cost each year throughout degree completion for high school seniors and current college or graduate students. We help your student stay on track with their major and review your undergrad and graduate strategy each year. We often bring private colleges to lower prices than SUNY schools, so they can benefit from better teacher-student ratios and opportunities.
  • DII/DIII NCAA sports program assistance. Sports resume and coach location/matching program.
  • Finding the right graduate program, then getting a better deal – including med school, law school, and other professional programs.
  • Student loans – Save thousands with the lowest loan rates. Most families lock into overly high rates.


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