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Hello, my name is John Decker. I am passionate about helping families save money on college. I don’t like being in debt, and neither should you.

Whether you have students or grandchildren currently in high school, college, or graduate school, I can help. Contact me and I will help with your college concerns through a free phone or in-person consultation, personalized for your situation. Prior to contacting us, answer this student questionnaire so I can better answer your questions and describe strategies for you.

How can I help you?

  • Helping 9-12th grade students find a best fit college. The average student changes majors four times and spends 5.5 years as an undergraduate student. CAPlus can assist with a college major decision, offer strategies to graduate in four years, and services to secure a job with good compensation.
  • College selection and application process. During the college search, CAPlus will offer school selections that fit your budget, the student’s criteria and is a good fit academically. Many families make too narrow of a college search or are only partially informed about the colleges they visit. CAPlus services will save you time struggling with searches, campus visit strategies, essays, interviews, FAFSAs, and more.
  • Stay on track year after year. Each year throughout degree completion we help your student stay on track with their major, the finances and review your undergrad and graduate strategy each year.
  • DII/DIII NCAA sports program assistance – CAPlus can assist with sports resumes and college athletic programs.
  • Finding the right graduate program – including med school, law school, and other professional programs.

Special Topics For Everyone

  • Parents and students
  • Schools
  • Churches and ministries
  • Advisors, banks, and FCUs
  • Seminars for companies and organizations

Upcoming Seminars

Onondaga County Medical Society Seminar

7:00 pm @ Onondaga County Medical Society, 329 North Salina Street, Syracuse, NY, United States
Paul Celuch, College Assistance Plus founder and national speaker on the $1T college debt, will share innovative ways of reducing college cost regardless of income levels, and finding viable majors and careers. RSVP is necessary. Email or call 315-656-7973.
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